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Insure Your Boat With LightningShield™

Lightning strikes cannot be prevented. The technology does not yet exist. That's why we focus on making things right after an incident.

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LightningShield is a first-of-its-kind, supplemental boat insurance policy with $0 deductible that covers your boat for any damage from a direct or indirect lightning strike. See the summary of benefits below. You select the coverage limit that is right for you. Policies start at the unbelievable rate of around $3 per month. Get a Quote now.

Benefits of LightningShield

LightningShield is affordable and you can get a free, instant quote on this website in minutes

There is no requirement for a boat inspection to get a quote or bind coverage

Fast and hassle-free claims service, our goal is to get you paid and back out on the water as soon as possible

Zero deductible, which saves you money in the event of a loss

LightningShield will not raise your premium just because you have a claim

Covers a haul out to inspect for damage after a lightning strike, where appropriate

Protects your valuable claims-free record with your standard boat insurance

LightningShield offers a more generous depreciation schedule for navigation electronics loss

If you have a paid lightning loss, we automatically re-instate your insurance policy limit at no charge