Is lightning really such an issue that I need supplemental insurance for it?

Yes. As boaters ourselves, we believe so. That is why we created LightningShield™. In fact, the concept was conceived out of the negative personal experience of one of our founders in making a claim for modest lightning damage on his own boat insurance policy.

Lightning affects 10,000 to 15,000 boats a year in the US. It is consistently in the top 10 of claims filed by boaters every year (and in the top 5 in some states). Anyone who has been boating for a significant length of time has either been impacted by a lightning strike themselves or knows someone who has been.

We’ve heard many stories about the difficulties of getting even a modest claim paid with standard boat insurance following a lightning strike. Furthermore, if the claim is paid, the standard insurance company will remove your no-claims status and increase your premium and/or increase your deductible for years to come. In the end you find you would have been better off if you had never filed the claim in the first place. That is where LightningShield comes in.

Lightning is a real risk to boaters and LightningShield is a real solution for boaters. Find out how inexpensive it is. Get a free, instant quote now.

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