What are the benefits of having a LightningShield™ Policy?

  1. LightningShield is surprisingly affordable. Getting a free, instant quote is easy and takes just minutes on this website. Get a free, instant quote now.
  2. There is no requirement for a boat inspection to get a quote or bind coverage. You can get a quote right now on this website in minutes.
  3. LightningShield has fast and hassle-free claims service. We are experts in lightning claims. Our goal is to get you paid and back out on the water as soon as possible after a lightning loss
  4. LightningShield has zero deductible, which saves you money in the event of a loss.
  5. LightningShield will not raise your premium just because you have a claim.
  6. LightningShield will cover a haul out to inspect for damage after a lightning strike, where appropriate.
  7. LightningShield protects your valuable claims-free record with your standard boat insurance in the event you have a typical lightning loss to your boat. The average lightning insurance claim is under $10,000 or even $5,000 – which are the limits that LightningShield offers.
  8. LightningShield offers a more generous depreciation schedule for navigation electronics loss compared to standard boat insurance policies.
  9. If you have a paid lightning loss, LightningShield will automatically re-instate your insurance policy limit at no additional charge for the remainder of the policy period. This means that you are covered for up to two lightning loss events per year.
  10. For damaged marine electronics, LightningShield utilizes a more generous depreciation schedule than standard boat insurance policies.

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