What is LightningShield™?

LightningShield is a new, unique and surprisingly inexpensive, supplemental insurance policy that covers your boat against lightning damage.  It protects against physical damage to your boat from a direct or indirect lightning strike up to the amount of the policy limit that you choose.  LightningShield has no deductible and we won’t increase your premiums just because you have a claim.  Getting a quote is fast and easy online now.  There is no required inspection.

Lightning strikes are consistently one of the top 10 (or in some states top 5) causes of damage to recreational boats. Our goal is to get your lightning loss paid and get you back on the water as quickly as possible. We also want to allow you to keep your valuable claims-free record on your standard boat insurance so your insurer doesn’t penalize you with premium increases on future years.  When you have a loss on your LightningShield policy, we will not inform any of your other insurance carriers.

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